Holland House

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Turretfield Rd, Rosedale via Lyndoch
Light Region
An early Victorian Gothic Revival building of local stone with freestone trim. Designed by James Macgeorge and built in 1854 for Richard Holland, a pioneer farmer of the district. A castellated tower and octagonal turret dominate the roofline. The south front has symmetrically placed arched windows on either side of a large bay window. At the rear of the house is tan enclosed courtyard containing several simple outbuildings only a few metres from the house. An unusual example of Macgeorge's designs.

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Turretfield Estate bought by R Holland, 13 May 1853. House of twelve rooms twin turrets and castellated walls overlooking the confluence of the North Para River and Walker (salt) Creek. Stone imported as ship's ballast. Supposedly modelled on Holland House London (1607). R Holland was born in New South Wales on 11 August 1813. By 1862 Turretfield was a prominent estate. In 1908, became part of the Department of Agriculture.