Princes Bridge

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Swanston St, Melbourne
Melbourne City
This is Melbourne's grandest and oldest Bridge. A bridge has crossed the river at this point since 1845. The present structure is dominated by squat half columns resting on giant piers. These contrast beautifully with the delicate iron girder arches. The decorated spandrels feature the Coats of Arms of Municipal Councils who contributed towards the cost of construction, the mouldings and balustrade along the top of the Bridge and the lamp standards crowning the giant half columns are notable features.

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The foundation stone for Princes Bridge was laid in 1886. The Bridge was designed by Jenkins, D'Ebro and Grainger and constructed by David Munro, a prominent contractor and speculator during the boom period. The present structure replaced an earlier single span bridge designed by David Lennox, built by P Reed and opened by La Trobe in 1850. The bridge was named after the Prince of Wales, later Edward VII, and the name has survived through to the present day.