St Bartholomews Anglican Church

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Ollera Rd, Wandsworth
One of the most interesting of John Horbury Hunt

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A small rural church built in 1876-77 for use by both the Anglicans and Presbyterians, on land donated by and close to Ollera Station. The foundation stone was set by its owner, Edwin Everett. Bricks and timber used in construction came from material on the property. The church shows a high standard of workmanship, attributable no doubt to the construction having been supervised by the architect. The brick walls are face work internally and externally with natural finished roof framings principally of closely spaced scissors roof trusses. There is a large vestry at right angles to the nave, divided to form an entrance porch. The belfry is housed in a cantilevered ridge extension. The blue and yellow stained glass windows are of exceptional quality.