Cape Don Lighthouse Complex

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NT Portions 2002 and 2380. Cape Don, Cobourg Peninsula.
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The Cape Don Lighthouse Complex, consisting of the lighthouse, three residences and ancillary buildings formed the first manned lighthouse complex built by the Commonwealth Lighthouse Service in 1915-1920. The first light was exhibited on 15 September 1917. The lighthouse is an early example of reinforced concrete tower construction as opposed to the then generally used blockhouse form. Concrete towers did not become common until after 1960. The complex was associated with increased shipping into Darwin during the First World War. A radar station was located near the complex in the Second World War. The lighthouse was manned until July 1983. Meteorological records were maintained when the lighthouse was manned. It is acknowledged by the Meteorological Bureau that these records were amongst the longest and best maintained records kept within the Northern Territory. Observations were well placed to assist in cyclone development and tracking.
The complex consists of the lighthouse, three residences and ancillary buildings. The lighthouse is constructed of reinforced concrete.